My name is Holly Smith and welcome to HollyVlogs! I’m a 30 year old mum of 2, married to my Husband Callum and I started Couponing to save money so I could afford things for my family like holidays or luxury items! I have been very unlucky in my life since I have got many medical conditions that really can make life a struggle some times, these are both mental and physical problems and I will just try to put little bits about each of them so you can maybe get to know me better.

Chronic Pain – This is the hardest thing I have to live with, I suffer with pain 24/7 some days worse than others, it really affects my quality of life but I try to stay strong for the sake of my family.

Aspergers Syndrome – this is part of the autistic spectrum and it means I do not understand certain things like sarcasm or I struggle to understand emotional responses and struggle to socialise because of it. It also makes me feel the “need” to have everything perfect and I like things to get finished and done properly. It does not mean I have any sort of problem having a laugh, enjoying everything everyone else does, it just makes it difficult for me to “fit in” since I often misunderstand things that seem “normal” to you.

Benign bone tumours – I have had invasive surgery to the left shin and have had a bone graft from my hip to fill the spot where the tumour was removed. I had a metal rod put through my bone and later removed which has left me with permanent difficulty in walking.

Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction – This is basically a SUPER RARE condition that causes a spasm in the muscle that controls the flow of bile into the digestive system. It causes extreme pain and is very often crippling as when you experience one of these “attacks” you physically cannot move or do anything until the pain subsides or the pain killers take the edge off of it. Chronic pain – this is a side effect of many conditions I have had and i have tried almost every pain killer under the sun to try and make me feel normal.

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