National Sea-Life Centre Birmingham Review 2018

Boasting an insane array of aquatic animals, the Sea Life Centre has something for everyone. No matter your age, you can’t be disappointed with the number of tanks on display.

We had the absolute pleasure of visiting this Sea Life Centre and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the children or Callum! You start your visit in a beautiful open rock formation that just smells of the briny sea air, the perfect thing to set you on your underwater experience!

Walking through the first section, you’re instantly greeted by a colony of Gentoo Penguins! With two massive windows and a smaller underwater observation bubble further in there is plenty of room to see these penguins all huddle together, waddle about and enjoy a swim in a very spacious enclosure. We timed it perfectly to catch one of the workers cleaning the enclosure and the penguins absolutely loved it! They were scrambling around the hose, circling the worker and hopping about everywhere.

After that, it clearly was time for a swim and we had some great views of the Gentoo Penguins diving in, effortlessly swimming and even launching themselves out of the water.

Moving through the Centre you move through see all sorts of creatures from big to small, long to short, fat to thin colourful to camouflaged. Every area is themed for its natural habitat and there is always an educational plaque or banner to tell you loads of information regarding their habitat, growth potential, special features and diet.

Halfway through your journey you can choose to wait in line for a special 4D cinematic show where you can join a group of fish go on a small adventure to explore the underwater areas around a coral reef. The animation quality is excellent and it’s produced by the Jim Henson company, so it’s super family friendly and the 4D experience really does add to the whole show.

By far, the absolute best area of the Sea Life Centre has to be the Shark Tunnel! It’s an absolutely gigantic tank that houses Nurse Sharks, Zebra Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks along with a MASSIVE turtle and plenty of fish too! This tunnel actually has a see-through floor too so it’s a completely open view above, below, side to side and every angle in between view! For those who don’t want to brave the tunnel there is a small exit door that skips you through so don’t worry if you can’t bring yourself to be underneath 100,000 litres of water and a couple hundred swimming teeth!

At the end of the Sea Life Centre you can buy your photos and look through the submerged viewing bubble into the Penguins enclosure. But, there is also a small seating area with a lovely little “Soft Play” zone with a ball pit, a couple of platforms to climb and the like. This is a perfect spot for the grown ups to just take 5 minutes out, check the time and plan what to do next.

Overall the Sea Life Centre is a fantastic place to spend a good 2-3 hours for the family, a great place to learn about the oceans and their ecology and also have the opportunity to see some truly incredible species that inhabit our planet.

For those of you who want to book tickets you can get reduced rates, special package deals and fantastic VIP Exclusive experiences!

Kidzania’s Brand New Nintendo LABO-ratory!

Nintendo, the one of the giants in video games entertainment and Kidzania, a world designed for children to experience a fun filled day using real life careers.

I can happily say that Kidzania now has a brand new addition to it’s already wonderful world, the worlds most innovative gaming company Nintendo have opened their brand new workshop all about Nintendo Labo!

“But what is Nintendo Labo?” I hear you say? Well, let me tell you. I once heard someone say,
“If Nintendo put their name on a cardboard box, people would still buy it!” That’s pretty much it! Nintendo Labo is a brand new gaming experience available on the Nintendo Switch that utilises cardboard construction sheets and the Joycon’s patented “Haptic Feedback” A.K.A the “HD Rumble Feature” to bring plain objects to life with incredible imagination!

We were lucky enough to be invited by Nintendo to be the very first group to trial the Labo Workshop at Kidzania where we would be shown the models, given talks on what they have and then let loose on a blueprint sheet of the “RC Car” model to take home!

The Nintendo section is located right at the back on the Kidzania, right near the Pokemon Animation Studio. Before you even get inside, you can almost feel the energy and fun vibes emanating from the shop’s windows! Bright colours and excitement were thrown at you from every panel. Inside the workshop, it is comprised of 2 rooms that each serve their own function. The first is the introduction to Labo and where you are given the opportunity to create a model from their inventory. The second room showcases all the amazing things that can be played with including a Motorbike handlebar (customised for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), A beautifully small house, a Piano, a Fishing Rod and every child’s dream A GIANT ROBOT SUIT THAT DESTROYS BUILDINGS!

After our exclusive time with the Nintendo Labo, we were given full access to all of Kidzania. During our time, we visited British Airways, H&M, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Cadburys, Al Jazeera, Heart Radio, K-Mart and a dozens more! No matter your child’s interest, there WILL be something there to cater for any taste.

With our 50 kidzos gift that all children get upon entry, we were able to select which activities we wanted our children to either earn more Kidzos by working jobs or spending some to take part in special activities.

Before we knew it, 4 hours had passed and our two little ones, who can usually go on forever, were absolutely drained from so much fun crammed into the 75,000 sq foot world of Kidzania. So we took our stack of Kidzos and took a look in the shop where you can redeem them for all sorts of souvenirs. This time we chose to save them up so next time we can aim for the bigger prizes!

Watch our YouTube Vlog below…

Thanks to Nintendo and Kidszania for inviting us!

Things you can get FREE on your Birthday in the UK…

There’s an endless supply of discounts and Freebies you can claim on your Birthday! from Food and Drink to hobbies (and even clothes!) here’s a list of freebies you can get your hands on…

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Download the app and register for the loyalty scheme and you will receive a voucher for a free birthday doughnut

Free Greggs sweet treat – Download the app and register for the Greggs Rewards scheme and you will receive and in app voucher for a free cupcake, cream cake or doughnut

Free Subway Cookie – Register for a Subcard, their loyalty scheme and claim a free cookie on your birthday

Free main meal at Frankie & Benny’s when one other main meal is purchased- Register with their rewards scheme and a voucher will be emailed to you

Free main meal at any Brewers Fayre – Pick up a card and register to their Bonus Club and a voucher will e emailed to you for a free main meal when another main meal is purchased

Free main meal at any Table Table – Register for their Tasty Rewards scheme and a voucher will be emailed to you for a free main meal when another main meal is purchased

Free Ice Cream with Toby Carvery – Sign up to their newsletter and you will receive a voucher for a free ice cream sundae when you order a carvery roast

1/3 off at Yo Sushi – available when you dine in, sign up to their newsletter and a unique code will be emailed to you around your birthday

Free ED’s Diner milkshake – either pick up and register with a card or download their app and you can claim a free milkshake on your birthday

Free bottle of Prosecco at Prezzo – sign up to their newsletter and receive a unique code for a free bottle, this does have a minimum spend of £20 but if you don’t drink you can switch it to 2 free desserts instead

Free birthday drinks at TGI Fridays – Download their app and you can receive a free cocktail, dessert or mocktail for every main meal purchased up to 6 meals. You do have to order the same drinks however and this offer isn’t available in Scotland or Northern Ireland

Free drinks and a £5 off £15 spend at Hungry Horse – Sign up to their newsletter and you will be emailed a voucher for a free drink and a £5 off a £15 spend voucher to use on your birthday


It doesn’t stop at food and drink there plenty of pampering freebies and discounts you can claim here’s a few….

Free £15 Elizabeth Arden oxygen blast facial – sign up to Debenhams free beauty club and at a participating store on your birthday simply bring you card and proof of your date of birth to claim.

Free Brow wax at a Benefit counter – using the Debenhams beauty club rewards card at a participating store on your birthday take your card and proof of your date of birth.

Join Debenhams Beauty Clun here

Free £5 spend at The Body Shop – sign up to their Love Your Body loyalty card and on your birthday, you can claim a £5 voucher to spend instore or online with no minimum spend required.

Join Body Shop’s Love Your Body Club here

Triple points at Superdrug – using their loyalty card you will receive triple points on your birthday with no minimum spend required.

Join Superdrug Beauty Club

Technically not a birthday freebie as you can claim any time of the year but why not treat yourself to a free makeover at any Benefit, Bare Minerals and No7 counter

There’s also money off codes you can claim for that special birthday treat sign up to newsletters at…

Nike -25% off code will be emailed to you, no minimum spend required


Topshop -20% off code will be emailed to you, no minimum spend required.

Topman – 15% off code will be emailed to you, no minimum spend required.

New Look – 20% off code will be emailed to you, no minimum spend required.

OASIS – 10% off code will be emailed to you, no minimum spend required.

All these discount codes can not be used with any existing offers but if you had your eye on that beautiful dress or fabulous shirt grab while you can with a fabulous discount.

Even your Pets can take advantage of freebies on their Birthdays!…

Sign up to Pets at Home VIP Club and on your pet’s birthday they will get a free treat, to claim you will need your card and the email that will be sent to you.

Whether it’s the dogs, the kids, or your birthday there’s plenty you can claim, top tip though use a dedicated email to sign up to all the newsletters and loyalty cards or all the emails will drive you crazy.

The Ultimate Guide to Freebies for Mum’s to be

From that very first positive test to feeling those first movements and finally after the long wait looking into those beautiful eyes, having a baby can be one of the most exciting times of your life but also one of the most expensive.  The never-ending list of items that you need can be daunting and costly but there are a few ways to start you off that don’t cost a penny, here’s how…

 Bounty Packs

Bounty packs have been around for years you will receive your first pack when you visit your midwife for your booking in appointment, inside there will be lots of information and leaflets and a coupon for your next pack the Mum-to-be pack.  The Mum-to-be pack can be collected using the coupon from Asda, Tesco, and Superdrug however where it’s collected from will determine the contents as they are different for each store. Usually inside these will be lots of sample products and coupons. The Newborn pack is your next one and this will be given to you while you are in hospital after welcoming your new bundle of joy. This pack will contain a pack of nappies and a small pack of wipes as well as lots more samples and coupons. Also, in this pack will be a coupon for your final bounty pack The Growing Family pack and just like the others this will contain more product samples and coupons.  Make sure you download the Bounty app as they often have extra freebies or codes you can use

 Emma’s Diary 

Like Bounty, Emma’s Diary are also packs you can collect. Sign up to Emma’s Diary  and they will give you 3 vouchers you can print off for packs that can be collected from either Argos or Boots. It will also give you a sheet of Argos coupons you can print. Just recently there was a great one that allowed you to buy an Angelcare nappy bin for absolutely nothing so definitely worth getting.  The packs are Mum to be, Bump to Baby and New family and unlike Bounty where you must pick them up over time the Emma’s diary packs can be collected all at once giving you a treasure trove of samples and coupons. In every pack you will have some pampers nappies and wipes as well as £1 off coupons. Also, samples and coupons for items such as Fairy, Aquafresh and lots of others.  There is also a Labour information pack that can be collected from your midwife or your GP, these usually contains product samples from Dettol, Pampers, Fairy and Bepanthen among others.

 Boots Parenting Club 

If you have a boots advantage card you can sign up to their Parenting club, as a new member you will receive a welcome gift usually a changing bag and you also get the advantage of 10 points per £1 on baby items instead of the usual 4 points per £1, coupons will be sent via post a few times a year and if you connect your card with the Boots app then you can send personalised coupons directly to your card.

Other Baby Clubs 

Places such as Cow and Gate, Aptamil, Hipp, Tesco, Asda, and Pampers all have baby clubs you can join. All of them have a welcome gift, Cow and Gates is a little cow teddy and Aptamils is a Polar bear, they all come with coupons for joining and then periodically they will send you coupons through the post which can be used for money off their products. Sign up to as many as you can find as all the coupons you receive will add up quickly and before you know it you will have a massive coupon shop to do.

List of Baby Clubs Worth Joining…

Cow & Gate Baby Club

Aptamil Baby Club

Tesco Baby Club

Hipp Baby Club

ASDA Baby and Toddler Club

Heinz Baby Club

Pampers Reward Club

SMA Baby Club

Mothercare Baby & Me Club

Coupon sites and Cashback Apps

These are great ways of getting items cheap and sometimes free! Caring Everyday always have coupons for money of Johnson’s baby products (you can have 2 prints per computer so double up on the items and save yourself a pretty penny!) SuperSavvyMe have coupons for items such as Fabric softener and laundry detergent (these also allow 2 prints) get stocked up as you’ll need it with the amount of baby clothes you’ll be washing!. Cashback apps such as Shopmium and CheckoutSmart often have baby food items for free once you have uploaded your receipt and claimed your money back.

Having Twins or more?…

Get £40 Worth of Pampers Vouchers for FREE! To Claim Simply send a scanned copy of your birth certificate to p& stating you would like to take advantage of ‘Pampers Multiple Birth Offer’ and they will pop your vouchers in the post (remember to include your address in the e-mail).

I’m The Asperger’s Moneysaver

Last year I filmed a Documentary about living with Asperger’s (a form of Autism) and on Friday 9th February my UK followers will be able to watch the Documentary on BBC iPlayer

I hope you enjoy watching!