Indesit Innex BWE 101684X W Review 2018

As a Money Saver, I’m always game to save where I can and thanks to Indesit I can save both my time and my money with this Incredible washing machine!

I was lucky enough to be asked to review one of their newest models in the range of home appliances The Indesit Innex BWE 101684X W and it just so happened I was in the market for a new Washing Machine. So when I got the e-mail, I jumped at the chance and eventually chose this!

It comes in Black or White with the White machine having a slightly larger drum and it also comes jam packed with great features. Of course you have your standard Dark Wash, Sports Wash, Quick Cycle etc. but this machine comes with 3 fantastic features called Water Balance Plus, Woolmark and Push & Wash.

  • Push and Wash does exactly that! Simply press and hold the button for 2 seconds and the machine will give it a standard wash that is designed to clean day to day clothes without any fuss
  • The Woolmark setting is catered towards woollen jumpers, cushion covers, blankets and throws and it’s been designed to keep your clothes as soft as possible whilst tackling any stains.
  • Water Balance Plus is the best thing about this machine. It will automatically detect the size of the load within the machine, calculate exactly how much water that’s needed to clean your items and use exactly that! Zero waste, maximum results!

My family have been using this model for over a month now and I must say, I’ve never been so excited/pleased with a household appliance! Is that actually a thing? Getting excited about a washing machine… Well, I guess it is because this thing is an absolute beauty!

Since we are a family of 4 with 2 VERY “creative” children, our washing machine has definitely earned it’s stripes within the household. After holding back to give the machine a thorough testing before giving you guys the run down, I can hold my hands up and say with honesty, this machine is quite possibly the best washing machine I’ve ever had!

The Indesit Innex BWE 101684X W Available to buy for just £298 from the following retailers


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